What exactly is meditation?


If you will find the solution of this question, you will find many definitions for each one you asked about. There are several kinds of meditations and purposes vary; besides the conclusion is same of the question. Meditation is sort of thin thread which joins between GOD and meditator.
It is the procedure for recognizing oneself and knowing the aim of taking birth in earth. In simple words;

  • It is to lightning up to mind. 
  • It is to feel the cosmic energy force present in the cosmos. 
  • It is to discover the miracle which we can’t even imagine with open eyes. 
  • It is the path to spiritual awakening. 
  • It is the enlightened or awakened state of consciousness. 
  • It is to find peace in life. 
  • It is to rule over every sense. 

Proper posture or comfortable position with the straight spinal cord is required while establishing connection with supreme almighty or meditating; you will get the stage where your breath, body, and thoughts seem to have gone away.

Only “Parma+anand” or serenity in the heart will remain, in my definition it is called actual meditation. Being human we all should experience meditation at least once, believe me you will happy to see the changes which develop after meditating.