What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?


If you want to earn money online, affiliate marketing is a one of the easiest way to make it possible. It is a way where you as a publisher or advertiser to get rewarded for promoting the business of others by their product, service or link.

There are many websites available; when someone follows your published link on your site or another and then they buy something through it, you earn commission.

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There may be a referral system, like when you refer someone to join their site; let’s say when referred person sign up for something and mention an email address, or they complete a survey to leave a name or address etc.

Commissions vary as per the companies, products; it can be a percentage of sales or fixed amount per joined or conversion.

Companies have their system to track the conversions from the advertisers or publishers. They often track them with embedded code, ID which they publish in their links. They can be in many forms with HTML code like coupon, widget, greetings, product etc.

For example: I recently joined Amazon.com , If I publish their products and anyone click on that, personally will be redirect to the genuine product and its features on Amazon’s site and by chance person purchase that product, the commission will be in my pocket.

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How Affiliate Marketing work with Blogs

If you have good audience and readers who read your contents and established a good bond over , they will naturally talk about the every promotion you do on your blog.
Actually Affiliate marketing works when a relationship with trust have been built between publisher and reader. You just provide right information with surety; reader will definitely appreciate for promotion. Do not pick up your own profit; provide the means to make a profit to readers; remember the more you share more you receive. For example: If you have a headache and your friend gives you a medicine; you will get relief and will recommend further for anyone. The blog is the easiest way for Affiliate marketing and get commission for their work.

Factors matter for Affiliate Marketing.

Most people earn money within a few weeks and most of them change their mind to earn money online as an affiliate; why? There are few factors which are must to get success.

  • Traffic (more visitors at your site) helps a lot.
  • Quality products
  • Relevant products 
  • Building conversation and trust with your readers 
  • Good writing skill to sale 
  • Good promotion with product benefits 
  • Provide real information, not fake or expired link 
It depends upon the contents which you are using to write, your writing style can draw an image to the reader’s mind whether you are promoting something or providing them a bundle of benefit. Some of the blogs even hard to find products to promote on the other hand some of them attract audiences who are not in the mood to buy something; but after reading they try to purchase.