Blog post to Twitter, Facebook and More...


It is understood that in keeping away from the time consuming process as well as to generate traffic at your blog, auto post to Twitter or Facebook like social network giants will definitely help. There are many apps you can get on the internet, but some of them work well and some need money.

Here are the simple steps for auto posting your blogs' write up, hope you will enjoy it.

1. Go to and register or sign up. fill your basic details.

2. You will come up to New Feed page. Type your feed name, the URL of your blog, Test RSS feed, If you want to change the advance setting you can, Continue to next step respectively as shown in below figure.

3. Insert details of your social networking sites in the given options on which you want to publish your feed; then click all done.

4. You have completed all steps. you can go to Dashboard.

5. You can see the status on the Dashboard, also can create more feeds from any blog.

Now you can see the posts on your desired sites. In the first post it will take almost an hour to publish after that it will work in a few minutes. Twitter Feed automatically review your posts in every 30 minutes and publish the latest post or according to the settings which you made in advance setting.

Hope it helped!